Translating Humanitarian Emergency into Medical Aid in Syria

Claire Glasscoe


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Claire Glasscoe

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Ibrahim Qashoush singing to large gathering on 27/06/11 in Hama. Uploaded on 2 Jul 2011 by the Creative Syrian Revolution to YouTube Video. With the message:The singer "Ibrahim Qashoush" was reported to be killed in Hama on 3 July 2011 by regime mercenaries, they cut his throat to try to stop his chant spreading.

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The Human Cost in Real Terms

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Healthcare Targeted

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Under Siege

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@sams_usa Congrats 2 our team & local partners for a successful #polio campaign in Southern #Syria reaching 122,323 children. End Polio in Syria 2nd round. Tweet on Twitter

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Displaced People Seeking Refuge

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The Cost in Economic Terms

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The UN Security Council

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Rick Gladstone (08/09/16) 73 Syrian Aid Groups Suspend Cooperation with UN. The New York Times, Middle East

The Response from the International Community

Sam Hamad (14/04/16) How Noam Chomsky Betrayed the Syrian People: American linguist and renowned left-wing activist Noam Chomsky’s stance on the Syria uprising turned proxy war is a betrayal of the Syrian people, writes analyst Sam Hamad. He has allowed his steadfast anti-imperialist approach to blind him to the Arab Spring’s complexities and contradictions. News Deeply, Syria Deeply Op-Ed.

Yassin Al Haj Saleh (Winter 2015) Syria and the Left. Yassin Al Haj Saleh is one of Syria’s leading political dissidents. He spent from 1980-1996 in Syrian prisons and became one of the key intellectual voices of the 2011 Syrian uprising. He spent 21 months in hiding within Syria, eventually escaping to Istanbul. He was interviewed via email by New Politics co-editor Stephen R. Shalom in early November 2014. New Politics, Vol.XV-2, Whole#: 58

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Joyce Karam (16/03/16) Why Putin is ahead in Syria’s game of chess. Al Arabiya English, Middle East

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Yalla Souriya (02/10/16) Secret bases of Iran regime in #Syria. Live update on Syria revolution ignored by the mainstream news. Source:

Fabrice Balanche (14/09/16) What Will Year Two of Russia’s Syria Intervention Bring? Moscow and Iran are already several steps ahead of Washington in shaping the war’s potential endgame, so the next administration will need to be mindful of Putin’s likeliest strategies and strongest levers if it wants a different outcome. The Washington Institute: Improving the Quality of US Middle East Policy, Policy Analysis.

Randa Slim (12/09/16) Can Anyone Stop the Syrian War? A new ceasefire brokered by Washington and Moscow just went into effect. But there is a long list of ways the deal could fall apart. Foreign Policy, Argument

Where Does This Leave the Syrian People?

Madar al-Youm (26/09/16) Syrian Opposition ‘No Longer Interested in Political Process: Nyrabia – SNC deputy says opposition will abandon efforts to reach a political settlement after Assad regime and Russia intensified their attack on rebel-held areas of Aleppo. Syrian Observer News.

Enab Baladi (26/09/16) HNC Cuts Short US Trip Amid Military Escalation in Aleppo: ‘It is no longer appropriate to continue a policy which satisfies murderers under the pretext of fighting terrorism,’ opposition leader Hijab tells audience in New York.

High Negotiations Commission for the Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (September 2016) Executive Framework for a Political Solution Based on the Geneva Communiqué (2012) Executive Summary Executive Summary - English.pdf

MEE Staff (06/09/16 updated 07/09/16) Assad must cede power after six-month transitional phase: Opposition. Opposition leaders say they will reject any US-Russian plan that differs significantly from their own. Middle East Eye, News #SyriaWar - UK hosting meeting Syria’s future.

AaSyria (October 2015) ‘Greetings from Darayya.’ A bitterly witty take on the bombing of Darayya shows the perfect home, TV, vase of flowers, coat rack… Creative Memory Blog art of resistance


Unexploded Ordnance

Chemical & Biological Weapons

Infection Control & Immunisation


Search & Rescue

Surgery in a Warzone

Internal Displacement


Damaged Eyesight

Psychological Trauma

Lost Limbs


Medical Practitioners

Allied Healthcare

Health Education



Explosive Devices

Abduction & Extortion


Hospitals & Polyclinics


Mobile Healthcare


Refugee Camps

Safe Zones



Legislation & The Law

Imprisonment, Torture & Death

Under Siege



Multi-faith Alliance



Prosecuting War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

Armed Opposition